The Land is the origin of every agricultural product. The genesis of every great story and the beginning of every journey. The Land is the Mother of every little big miracle that thousands of producers tell about every day.

"We grow vines, oil and wheat on our farm in Abruzzo

This is why today we produce modern wines with respect for nature, with the support of knowledge and technique, to return an authentic product.


Le Prunaie is an expression of the excellence of the Abruzzo agricultural tradition.
The vines are the typical and most representative from Abruzzo, including Montepulciano, Pecorino and Trebbiano, with the particularity of producing, for over 20 years, some different vines including Falanghina, Chardonnay and Traminer, as well as a real unique grape for the Abruzzo area: the Malbec.

Olive Oil

In Catignano we have an area that has always been suited to the cultivation of olives because of its mild climate and the particular characteristics of the soil, suitable for the harmonious development of this plant. The extra virgin olive oil EVO 'Le Prunaie' is a extremely low acidity due to modern harvesting practices and careful control of olive health.


The richness of aromatic substances and the notable presence of antioxidant substances typical of the olive, give the extra virgin oil 'Le Prunaie' notes of bitter and spicy, harmonious and precious.

vino abruzzo

Between Maiella, Gran Sasso and the Abruzzo coast

Le Prunaie is the expression of a farm founded over 40 years ago in Catignano, in the province of Pescara. Born from the passion and love for our land, this property is a real jewel in Abruzzo.

territorio abruzzo
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